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Valley Oaks Parent Teacher Advisory Council

Accepted VOPTAC Bylaws

VOPTAC Bylaws Voting Results

Thank you to all of our parents that came out to vote on the new proposed VOPTAC Bylaws. After collecting all votes from all five sites, 95% of voters were in favor of the VOPTAC bylaws and 5% were not or abstained. Since there was a 2/3 majority vote in favor of the new proposed VOPTAC bylaws, the new bylaws will take effect immediately and we are looking forward to next year.

Thank you,
VOCS Administration

2018 – 2019 VOPTAC Officers


  • Tiffany Edgerle

Vice President:

  • Samantha Babb


  • Jennifer Massie


  • Holly Kuntz

Media Chair:

  • Amy Punt

Governing Board Representatives:

  • Erica Schlosser
  • Michele Walker
  • Lyndley Warren
  • Beth Lundberg

Thank you to all of the parents that voted and volunteered for the 2018-19 VOPTAC Officer positions. Tiffany Edgerle, Erica Schlosser, and Michele Walker were voted in by the VOCS families and the rest of positions were appointed by the Bylaw Committee, per the new VOPTAC Bylaws.It is an exciting time, and everyone is looking forward to next year!