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Welcome to Valley Oaks

For whatever reason you are considering or have selected a homeschool education for your student, Valley Oaks Charter School exists to support parents who have chosen to school in a manner that meets the unique needs of each individual student.  Perhaps it is a desire to see your child flourish and develop as an individual.  Possibly it is to give your child opportunities that he would not have in the traditional classroom.  Maybe you are looking for a way to have more influence over and instill family values.  It could be your student needs an academic challenge or one-on-one instruction to “fill in the gaps”.  Or possibly you feel homeschooling is a great way to develop a close personal relationship with your child.  Most certainly you believe that he deserves a well- balanced education that encourages exploration, applauds creativity and individuality, celebrates discovery, and revels in the simple joy of learning.

In all instances, our staff is ready to help you achieve your goals.  We are here to collaborate with you, provide quality individualized resources for your students, involve your children in the many enrichment activities and opportunities available and help you set a course of study that will embark your student and family on an exciting homeschooling adventure.