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Call us today 661-852-6700 (Elementary)
661-852-6750 (High School)
661-825-2200 (Tehachapi)



Taft Valley Oaks Charter School, we are a satellite office that serves VOCS K-8 students in Western Kern County. Our office/facilities are located within the First Baptist Church at 220 North Street in Taft. Our resource teacher, Bev Wetterholm, is available most school days for table meetings. We have VOCS special education and speech service meetings at our site. We also have enrichment classes at our facilities for grades K-8. Enrichment classes are taught in four 5 week blocks throughout the year on Tuesdays. Enrichment classes include a variety of learning experiences. In addition to enrichment classes we have Taft VOCS Family Parties, Field Trips, and Holiday Parties. We have annual State Testing at our site too.

If you are interested in our program and have questions, please call Angela Young at (661) 852-6734. You may also call the main office number at (661) 852-6700.

Taft Office
First Baptist Church
220 North St
Phone: 661-852-6734